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The Art Is Watching

Installation, 2022

78.7" x 63.0" x 35.4"

accessible, self built art transport crate

Price on request

The Art Is Watching

Installation, 2022

200cm x 160cm x 90cm

selbstgebaute, zu betretende Kunst-Transportkiste

Preis auf Anfrage

Look out. The art is watching.

I wanted to turn things upside down for the most rebellious day of the year in Berlin, 1st of May. Why I decided to use the most iconic symbol in installation art, a transport crate, to let the art look at the galleries for once.
People could enter the crate, become the art itself and take a peek outside at a gallery. As a playful reminder to rethink what we are used to. Next time you visit a gallery "Look out. (Maybe) The art is watching” too! Who knows. 😉

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